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Brushing Our Teeth

The mouth has been called “the window to your health.”  If you have bad dental health, chances are you have – or will soon have – other health problems as well.

Kids need to brush their teeth at least two times a day for two minutes and floss on a daily basis. 

Here are a few reasons why your child should brush their teeth:

Permanent teeth can be damaged by baby teeth.

If the baby tooth has decay, there’s a very good chance that the decay will spread to the permanent teeth waiting below. 

Poor oral hygiene means more absences from school.

Over 51 million hours of school are missed each year because of tooth decay because 60%-90% of school-age children have cavities.  Because kids can’t often express their discomfort accurately to their parents, many of these cavities go unchecked.

 If your child needs a new tooth brush, or needs to brush their teeth at school, just let our nurse know!