Homework Policy

Homework policy

Homework will start the week of 8/15--but we will complete it in class--this way your child will have a better understanding of what is expected.  The week of 8/22, they will finish on their own.

This is the first year that your child is required to complete a nightly homework assignment that is due the next day. For that reason, we have supplied planners to log their assignments. Also, I try to keep homework assignments consistent each day of the week. There will be a few variances due to Monday holidays and evening events at the school. The typical week of homework will be as follows:

  • Monday: math sheet and reading: all students are reading the same book that I supply for them. They are to read the assigned pages, then after reading, write at least 2 sentences about what happened on those pages and any questions they may have--either something they did not understand or words that are unfamiliar–they will do this in their homework composition book.

  • Tuesday: math sheet, spelling: write words 3 times each, using good penmanship, and reading--again reading assigned pages and writing 2 sentences in their journal as before.

  • Wednesday: math sheet, spelling: write words in alphabetical order on sheet provided, and reading—again reading assigned pages and writing 2 sentences in journal as before.

  • Thursday: math sheet, reading: reading assigned pages and writing 2 sentences in journal as before, language: write a letter to me in their Homework composition book answering the letter I wrote—letters start in the center of their homework composition book—it will be marked with a paper clip.  Please be sure they follow the format of my letter and that they answer with a complete sentence.

  •  *****Please make sure they use their composition books fully--not skipping pages--always using the backside of each page when they complete their reading journal--the composition book will be sufficient for the entire school year if they do this.  

  • Ask your child to always check the assignments they wrote in their agenda/planner. It may also be helpful for your child to check off each assignment as they complete it in order to assure that all is complete.  I believe this will be an excellent opportunity for your child to establish good homework habits and practice organizational skills. 

  • There may be days that they will have time during class to work on homework.