1st Grade - Mrs. Espinoza-Diaz
Hello First Grade Families: 
Welcome to 1st rd grade!! My Name is Mrs. Espinoza-Diaz, I am super excited
to be your child’s teacher this school year. Teaching is an absolute passion of
mine; I strive to make learning fun and engaging for all. I am excited to get
the year started as we have a fun-filled year full of new adventures. 
My goal this year is to provide your student with a safe environment where
they can learn and grow free of judgment. I will also help your student to be
an independent and responsible learner, as well as to show him or her how to
make responsible choices. To accomplish this goal there will be regular
homework and we will be making the most of our class time. My expectation
for the students this year will be high. I will do my best to provide a fun and
engaging learning experience and only expect that my students come ready to
learn and do their best each day. 
I am a firm believer that communication between home and school is the key
to a successful classroom experience as well as a great teacher/ parent
collaboration. In addition to being available by email, our classroom will have a
class dojo, which will be your window into our class. I will make weekly
updates about what we have learned and our upcoming events. If there is
ever a time when you have additional questions or have concerns, please feel
free to contact me. I will do my best to respond promptly. Once again thank
you for entrusting me with your students learning. 
Fun Facts About Me: 
Favorite Food: Pineapple Pizza
Favorite Color’s: Blue, Black and Pink
Favorite Drink: Green Tea
Favorite Season: Fall
Best Regards,

Mrs. Espinoza-Diaz