Banta History

Banta School first opened in 1878, as the only school in an unincorporated area of San Joaquin County.  The community was proud that the school became the center of activities, meetings, dances, worship services and social gatherings. Just as early school leaders realized that a positive school climate was not only good for students but for the community at large, we also realize that our school is what it is today because of the contributions of the many generations of families who have called Banta home. 

           One hundred and forty three years later, Banta is known not only for its achievements, but as a school that embraces community, inclusion, and service learning. We have consistently supported opportunities that enhance the safe, caring, and respectful culture of our school. At our school, students are educated in a sheltered, success oriented environment built through inclusion, caring, encouragement of participation, and high expectations for each and every child.