2nd Grade - Kathy Jackson

Aloha and Welcome to Second Grade! Come explore and learn!

So many activities in the month of September--pirate day in the libarary, as well as Teddy Bear Sleepover. Every Friday, we have a "Ketchup" session for those with incomplete assignments.
We are still really working on classroom behavior. Presently I have rearraged desks every weekend--still looking for the position where your child will be most successful. Yes, still a "work in progress."
Still working on the issue of frequent restroom use. Reminders given at recess.
Learning Goals for October: Understanding fact families-how adding and subtracting are related--beginning unit 2 in our reading program: How Animals play a part in the world around us--read/discuss fables, fiction, and expository texts, grammar: identifying nouns, common, proper, singular and plural, possessives, writing weekly 5 sentences paragraphs, reading/discussing poetry, understand, discuss, and experiment of the 3 forms of matter, discussing history, past and present.
Yes, another very busy month!
Dates to remember: 10/1: school pictures come home, 10/6 field trip, week of 10/10-14 fall break--no school, 10/31 Halloween parade 

Mrs. Jackson

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