Independent Study

While we are excited to welcome our students back for full-time in-person learning for 2021-2022 School Year, Banta Unified School District will also offer an alternate option for students who have an identified medical need to continue with remote learning.

The Independent Study Program is NOT the same as the District’s distance learning program as we’ve known during the pandemic. In the Independent Study Program, students will complete the work on their own, at home, based on a standards-aligned online curriculum, provided by Acellus. Student attendance will be monitored through log-ins, virtual check-ins, and completion of independent work. The Independent Study teacher will be available for individual support, daily as needed.

The Independent Study Program is a voluntary option and is offered to students upon request of a parent or guardian based on eligibility criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

· How is the BUSD Independent Study Program different from Distance Learning?

Due to changes in legislation, BUSD will not be offering distance learning for the 2021-2022 school year. BUSD plans to resume full-time in-person learning when school starts in August. This means that students will be back in the classroom, five days a week, for the duration of the school day, just as we were prior to the pandemic.

In the Independent Study Program, students will receive standards-aligned assignments to complete independently at home. A teacher will monitor student progress, grade assignments, hold virtual office hours, and schedule individual virtual meetings with students as needed. Students will not participate in a virtual classroom. Students will have access to District resources such as counseling and meals.

· Will my child be required to actively participate daily?

Yes- The State of California is requiring school districts to monitor daily attendance through virtual check-ins and complete daily assignments. The State of California requires students in kindergarten through Grade 2 who participate in an Independent Study program to check in virtually every day and students in Grades 3-8 to check in virtually at least once a week. BUSD students who participate in the BUSD The Independent Study program will be required to attend all scheduled virtual check-in meetings with their cameras on.

· What program/company is providing the online curriculum?

BUSD is partnering with Acellus to offer eligible students personalized virtual instruction designed to meet their needs.

· What kind of commitment do families need to make? How can I help my child succeed?

The parent/guardian/ caregiver is responsible for the supervision and will ensure that their child actively participates daily by completing assignments and attending scheduled virtual meetings with their teacher. Providing a quiet workspace and a daily routine will help your child succeed in the Independent Study Program.

· What supplies/ resources do we need to participate in the program?

The District will provide the technology and materials needed to participate in the program. A quiet workspace that supports your child’s learning will be an important resource that you will provide.

· Can my child return to school for in-person learning at any time?

Your child may return to their home school for in-person learning if the Independent Study Program does not meet their needs. Please contact your child’s principal to request a return to in-person instruction. The principal will transition your child back to in-person instruction in no later than five instructional days.

If you have further questions about Independent Studies or the application process, please call 209-229-4650