2nd Grade - Mrs. Jackson

Welcome to second grade!
I am looking forward to working with your child this year.  I know we will be experiencing an incredible year of learning with many exciting things planned.
We have a classroom Hawaiian theme this year emphasizing "Ohana". Ohana means family--no one left behind or forgotten. Also our Classroom motto is "It is not important to BE the best--what is important is to DO your best.

I will regularly add new information to this web page as we progress through the year, so please check regularly to stay current with our classroom curriculum and activities.
Students have homework every night Monday-Thursday, which they will write in their agenda/planner.  Encourage your child to check it nightly and check off each assignment as it is completed.  Please check the  homework link for my homework policy and procedure.  I am quite consistent with these assignments so once you become accustomed to the procedure, you will know what to expect each week.  Check my calendar for homework assignments.  
***For your convenience,  I have added a link for scholastic book ordering under my useful links--you can order on line and have options for payment.
***First field trip to Del Osso Farms October 15--field trip forms have been sent home--please return if you have not done so.
****check out my useful links--you will find links to obtain copies of math homework sheets and/or spelling words.  

This week we continue Unit 3--how numbers are related.  We will discuss double facts, near doubles and fact families.
This week we will be working on words with the digraphs of ch, tch, sh, th, ph, wh, ng.  Our words this week are:  chop, catch, shape, trash, phone, that, sting, thin, bring, while, review words:  badge, place, and high frequency words: seven, isn't early.
Reading/Language Arts:
This week we continue Unit 2: How do Animals play a part in the world around us--this week discussing how animal offspring are like their parents.  Our comprehension strategy is main idea and important details.  Our grammar and structural focus will be suffixes, regular and irregular plurals, multiple meaning words and abbreviations. 
We will be following NGSS standards, experimenting and designing solutions to problems following the scientific method. We will first focus on physical science-discussing properties of matter and an engineering activity
Social Studies:
​We have been given a new program called: Studies Weekly, which incorporates weekly pamphlets discussing one aspect of social studies standards--we also have a computer program to allow students to reread for further details and assess for understanding.  This week we discuss the changes Native Americans faced as settlers arrived.

Physcial Education:
We start a new PE program this year--SPARK.  This is a very comprehensive program focusing on specific skills for second graders. Be sure your child wears appropriate shoes.

I hope this will supply you with information you need.  If you have any questions or concerns at any time, feel free to call me or come in--you are always welcome in the classroom!

Mrs. Jackson