Dr. Jayne

Dr. Ann Jayne

Banta Elementary/Banta Charter

Welcome Back, Mustangs!

We are excited to have everyone back on campus this year. We have improved safety, new playground equipment, and some new staff to welcome you to our campus. Some of you may be nervous to leave home after such a long time. We are, too! While being at home was an adjustment we all made during the COVID pandemic; coming back daily will be an adjustment, too! We are here for each other and are ready to learn with you.

This readjustment has made me think of a time when I was young and in school. Kindergarten was on a separate campus with its own playground. When I moved to First Grade on the “big campus” I was terrified!

My mom walked me to Mrs. Merz’s room, oh she was so friendly; yet, I looked in the classroom and saw all these new people looking back at me. For about five minutes I refused to go into class; even took my socks and shoes off so my mom couldn’t make me go anywhere. Mom and Mrs. Merz calmly talked to me about all the fun things we were going to learn. I put my socks and shoes back on and took Mrs. Merz’s hand!

We are here to take your hand and show you all the great things we are going to learn this year!


Dr. Ann Jayne Principal