2nd Grade - Mrs. Jackson

Welcome to our school away from school connection.  I will be updating you on the status as I learn it regarding:
when school reopens
additional resources
Be sure to pick up the work packets in the office.  I think I have included some fun learning activities!  Your journal, along with the pages in Charlotte's web for the next 3 weeks, will be in the office along with the packets.  
Also, if you have questions, you can message me.  I will be checking in with all students/families weekly.  
Stay Healthy!
Miss you all! 
Mrs. Jackson

*** Please have your child log into google classroom--it will soon have lessons and additional information--------they log-in through their g-mail.  Log-in is:
first name last initial @ bantasd.org   password:  banta+lunch/library #  
example of log-in: maryc@bantasd.org    remember no spaces
example of password:  banta270   remember must be 3 numbers--if their number is only 1 or 2--add zeros   
Example:  lunch number 5-- password would be  banta005

The school will be contacting you with information on coming in to pick up your child's books--then we will be using google classroom daily--so please make sure your child gets logged on..  I will still be using Class Dojo--since I can e-mail parents there to their smart phones--but for your student--google classroom is very important.

Once in google--click on the 3X3 dot box in the upper right corner--there you can click on classroom--there you can also click on docs--where I have everything set up for them to complete their animal research report--I've shared the file--so I can see what they are doing and help!
Let's stay connected!  
Some learning sites your student can access at home are:
https://www.reflexmath.com to continue our math facts program
(I won't be giving any new assignments--but there are games--and the students can reread any story we have read.
and this site for those students participating in our research study for English learners:  https://www.storyworld.io/login/read09  class name: read09

If they have any difficulty logging in--e-mail me and I will give log in info.