Dr. Jayne
Dr. Ann Jayne
Banta Elementary/Banta Charter

As I reflect on the 2020-2021 school year and the learning process we engaged in together, I also see how it was a collaborative pursuit. Years from now we will remember how we faced this as a community and pursued learning side by side during the pandemic. These were more than professional partnerships. Our collaboration was rooted in love, concern and caring.

 Love brings patience and understanding, which are so important in teaching. Teaching is rarely a predictable act. Woven into it are a million threads of impression, expectation, feeling, and narrative construction for which teachers cannot plan. We shared in the planning and efforts for our students as a collaborative team. We held the academic and social emotional threads together like a loom. We appreciate the teachers’ unique ability to balance, coordinate, and create the learning environment. 

The teaching/learning relationship is triangular, where teachers serve as guides, helping to illuminate the subjects we explore together as learners. One can teach basic skills without love, but to truly make a difference in a student's life, there needs to be love. Love sees teaching as an art where we explore different ways of connecting to subject matter and to our students. 

 As parents we have a responsibility to also illuminate the love of learning in our children. This year has been an especially challenging and extremely important aspect in supporting our students. Learning relationships are triangular - they move between the school, the student and their personal home lives. It requires everyone in the triangle to shine the light and illuminate the love of learning for our students. 

As we look towards the future, I am confident that the Banta Community will continue to work collaboratively, with love and caring, to see that we remain a positive, healthy environment for our students.